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Tooth Filling

Tooth filling is a process in order to fulfil the function and health of the tooth by cleaning the caries part and re-filling the decayed tooth with appropriate materials.

Caries can comprise the dentin underneath the enamel layer as well as only the enamel. It might also be dental caries called kole caries at the level of gingival. Here is the importance that the damage of the tooth is not too much. Otherwise, the teeth are treated with crowns.

Amalgam or composite fillings are often used in tooth fillings.

Amalgam filling is obtained by means of a mixture of various alloys with dental mercury. The most advantage is the durability. However, it is a significant disadvantage due to metal colour and containing dental mercury that is carcinogenic effective.

Composite fillings are preferred due to the aesthetic fillings. They are not as durable as amalgam fillings. But in recent years, with the development of the technology, sufficient durability and quality has been obtained from the composite fillings.

In addition, gold or on-lay porcelain fillings are performed time to time but lesser.