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Tooth Extraction

The primary objective of the dentists is to keep the tooth in the mouth. However, medical and technological advances in the field of dentistry are sometimes not enough to salvage the tooth. In these cases, tooth extraction becomes necessary in order to protect the health of the patient.

Main tooth extractions reasons are as follows:

-          Too much damaged teeth due to over feeding progression of carious

-          Failed root canal treatment

-          Impossible to recover the teeth due to trauma

-          Inflamed teeth

-          Impacted teeth

-          Dangling tooth due to gingival

Tooth extractions progresses are usually performed under local anaesthesia. Tooth extraction is carried out with the help of so-called Davye tooth extraction clamps. There may be some teeth that are too much damaged or only the root is left and even it is not able to be extracted with Davye. In these circumstances the tooth extraction is performed by using various tooth extraction tools in surgical manner. Oral care is very important after tooth extraction. After the operation the routine care of the extracted tooth wound is also important for wound healing and pain.



Nowadays softer foods consumed by the humans due to improving technology the jaw has become smaller comparing to the past. Due to smaller jaw, all present 32 teeth cannot find any place to hang down in the mouth in progress of time and therefore some teeth are embedded in the jawbone. These teeth are usually canine tooth and wisdom tooth. These teeth can stay within the bone for many years without any problem but sometimes can cause also some serious troubles. If the teeth are trouble-free there is no problem to keep it in the mouth as long as the monitoring is maintained. If it causes any pathology it shall be extracted.

The type of extracting the teeth is in general surgery type.