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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a treatment of adverse situation for living tissues within the tooth infected by the bacteria coming from surrounding tissues such as dental caries and tooth fractures.

Pulp tissue which is colloquially called tooth nerve exists underneath the enamel and dentin of the tooth. This living tissue provides the general nutrition and sense of the tooth. As a result of being influenced by physical and bacteriological, pain occurs in the tooth. In order to overcome this pain dental root canal treatment is applied. Root canal therapy is a treatment performed under local anaesthesia. The tooth is cleaned if dental caries exist and it is reached up to the channel where living tissues in the tooth is present. The cleaning of the living tissues of the canal is provided by canal equipments. Later on, root canals are filled by giving a shape. These processes are usually completed in 2-3 sessions.  If the root canal treatment is done in accordance with the rules the chances of success is very high. After a failed root canal treatment is renewable. The root canal therapy to the tooth is the last applicable treatment. In cases where too many damages are occurred in the tooth, piva is placed to crowns and canals and as well as tooth filling is possible to perform during the root canal treatment.