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Implant is a tissue friendly material of titanium that is placed into the bone and is in function as the tooth root when redoing tooth lost for any reasons. These materials give support function for the dentures that are placed ​​into the mouth.

In which cases is Implant applied?

Implant is applied for all treatments of missing teeth. Implant is a good option especially in conditions where downsizing by cutting the teeth in areas adjacent to the missing teeth is not desired or where partial denture to be applied to the posterior group of teeth is not desired or for patients with fully edentulous who doesn’t want complete denture.

How to place Implant?

Placing the implant requires a minor surgical process. Prior to placing the implant, a small cutting is made to the gingival. Later on the bone is perforated with appropriate tools and the implant is placed. This is like a wall is drilled with an electric drill and a screw is installed. The operation for each implant takes 10-15 minutes. The process is performed under anaesthesia and pain is therefore beside the point.