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Fixed Denture:

It is a type of denture obtained by pasting artificial teeth on the downsized teeth. These denture teeth can be conducted to one tooth as well as by downsizing the adjacent tooth and connecting as a bridge style to the several missing teeth. It can be performed on the implant.

Denture’s main objectives are as follows:

-If aesthetic is required.

-Missing tooth

-If damages on the tooth is significant

-Teeth colorization, Teeth in spaced and convoluted condistions


There are several types according to their construction:

1-      Metal Supported Bridges: It is a bridge by using metal beneath the porcelain coating in order to increasethe resistance of porcelain teeth.

2-      Metal-free Crowns Bridge: Crowns and bridges that are more aesthetic purposes. It is preferred only to the anterior groups of teeth due to less resistant.

3-      Zirconium Crowns and Bridges: It is applied if aesthetic is desired. Zirconium is used instead of metal on lower part. Zirconium is a pressure resistant material in tooth colour. It can be easily used also for the rear groups of teeth for aesthetic purposes.